Jack Savage-Fine Art Photographer

Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist. He is also a certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop trainer. Finalist of the prestigious Siena Photo Awards 2017/2018. Winner of the much coveted Pangea Prize 1st Place in the Open Monochrome category at Siena Photo Awards 2017. Winner of the Fine Art Professional category - 1st Place at the Black and White Spider Awards 2017. Winner of the Portrait category - 1st Place Grand Prize winner at The Chromatic Photo Awards 2017. Winner of a Professional Gold Medal in Fine Art, at OneEyeland Top 10 Black and White Photography Awards 2018, and an overall ranking of 2nd place for Professional Photography for the UK. Winner of honourable mentions in the Professional categories of Fine Art, Portrait, Conceptual, Digitally Enhanced, Special Effects and Photo-manipulation at PX3 2018, IPOTY 2108, IPA 2016-2017, TIFA 2016-2017, MIFA 2017; The International Color Awards 2017-2018;, The Monochrome Awards 2018, The ND Awards 2017, The Chromatic Photo Awards 2017, The London Creative Competition 2017 and The Fine-Art Photography Awards 2017-2018.

   Jack also been published and featured in numerous photographic publications worldwide - such as Photographize magazine, Dodho magazine, 1x.com, Visions Libres magazine, Shot magazine, MUP magazine, Adore Noir magazine, Black magazin, Fine Eye magazine, Silvershotz magazine, Digital SLR magazine (Malaysia), and Inspire magazines. Jack teaches workshops in both photography and photoshop and is the co-owner of a spacious studio in Northampton, England.